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BTH Cleaning Solution is a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company based in Whitchurch, Telford, Wrexham, Shrewsbury, Market Drayton, Chester & surrounding areas.

Let’s be blunt about this: dog and cat pee on soft furnishings can become engrained in the fabric and linger forever. We use specialist products to attack these whiffs head-on and can remove the smells of dog and cat urine from carpets, sofas, chairs and more.

We Solve Odour Problems

Problem: Pet and Smoke odours are a real challenge to eliminate. The solutions readily available are supermarket fragrance-based deodoriser, that only masks the smells, and oftentimes makes matters worse. “DIY odour removal and cleaning methods” are often tried in vain before resulting to replacing carpets, upholstery or repainting of the property. When pet accidents occur the longer the incident goes untreated, the more the urine odour permeates deeper and deeper into carpets, wall coverings and soft furnishing. soft furnishing absorbs odours and simply hangs onto them for years.

Solution: Specialised Odour removal cleaning processes and equipment are required, that will deal with not only, the top surface of the carpets but, also the underlay, subfloors, walls, furniture, and curtains to destroy odours from the source. We eliminate odours from their source by killing the microorganisms and neutralising them permanently using proven safe methods for your family and Pets.

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Benefits When Choosing our Services

Worlds Most Advanced Equipment.

Deep Restorotive Clean that lasts longer.

Record Drying Times – as fast as 30 mins.

No residue or pollutants left behind.

Biodegradable cleaning products (no harsh chemicals used).

Mutiple cleaning methods tailored to your needs.

Very low noise level.

Fully insured and highly trained friendly staff.

Full customer service support.

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